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Welcome to Adventure in Bible Prophecy.

The Prophecy conference Bible study guides are created to assist you study the plan of God for you.  It is simple, easy to use interactive guide for you to understand the prophecies in the bible in line with current world events. You can study at your own pace and answer some of life’s challenging questions.





These extracts from the recent news may interest you

A man just finished fifteen years of struggling through school, qualified as a neurosurgeon, visited home, got back to the U.S.A.., slept and never woke up again.

 An upward mobile man closes from work, drove home and as he was entering his house, armed robbers attacked him shot dead and left whit his car.  He was survived by wife and 3 children.

A billionaire came out of one of the best hospitals in the world, and shouted, “shame to you money” because his wife just died of cancer.  He could pay for the best medical treatment but could not pay for life.

 A beautiful lady, with a good job and good background, ready for marriage longing to be married, but no husband in view.

An intelligent young man left school with good grades, has been looking for a job, five years after graduation, and no hope yet.

A couple married for nine years with no medical problem, still no children.

 A young couple just got married, were traveling home with their parents and friends, a truck ran into them, and all of them were killed on their wedding day.  Over thirteen people died.

A young man slumped at work, rushed to the hospital, went into coma; doctors discovered that his kidneys had packed up.

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